You’re Not The One (Cid Rim Remix)

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You’re Not The One (Cid Rim Remix)

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‘CID RIM’ a Vienna based producer recently brought out a remix of Sky Ferreira’s ‘You’re Not The One’ on soundcloud. Both of their soundcloud pages can be found at the top of this post.

This song definitely deserves a listen, in fact numerous listens. The vocal edit in the middle or I guess ‘drop’ of the song, it’s so sexy. I am such a sucker for such a smooth and catchy vocal.

Sky’s ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ was a massive hit on her soundcloud page reaching over 800,000 hits on the original and easily over 100,000 on each of the 5 remixed versions on the page, with the likes of MK, Twin Shadow and Krystal Klear included.  Hopefully after the success of these earlier hits this song will flourish.

CID RIM however is a completely new discovery for me. It seems hes had some great success in the recent past, with over 500,000 hits on his remix of CHVRCHES song ‘Recover’ back in 2013. If there’s anything to go by however, its the fact he is currently on the groundbreaking record label LuckyMe. Comprising of artists such as Hudson Mohawke, Cashmere Cat and Lunice to name a few, (all of which I must add are utterly amazing at what they do. I recommend you check them out if you haven’t already) so if his company is any representation of his full potential, well then I believe he’s one to watch.

So give the track a listen and I hope you enjoy.

Keep those ears well fed.

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Done Talking…

Kxngs – Done Talking

Done Talking

I stumbled upon Kxngs (pronounced Kings) a while back when I was strolling through soundcloud, looking for some new fresh music. I can’t quite remember the original track that nudged me to follow, however after hearing his most recent track ‘Done Talking’ it became clear it was certainly a good choice.

Firstly, the most integral part of this track is for me, the vocals. As far as I can tell its an eclectic sampled mix of  Imogen Heap and Active Child’s ‘Hanging On’, but the thing with this song is that after every listen different parts of the vocal become revealed. I could be completely wrong, in fact I probably am wrong, it could be sampled from another track, or in fact might be original vocals. Where ever they have come from, it’s the production that really shines through. I, myself love to cut and manipulate vocals to produce melodies and new rhythms within a song. But Kxngs has managed to make such a smooth and frankly catchy melody out of the vocal cuts. It almost tries to cover the harsh interior of the high hats and rough synthesized saws that are found within the song. Overall creating an upbeat yet surreal ambiance, which in many cases become very chilling and cold, but in my opinion the vocals retain warmth and freshness like a warm breeze. Well, i’m done talking (see what I did there), overall I think this is a nice chilled (yet not chilling) track, with a polished set of beats and smoothly produced vocals, well done Kxngs.

(To be perfectly honest, this isn’t my usual taste in tracks, however the total package is well polished and full of vocal flavour. Plus it makes a nice ironic title for my first post… anyway, thanks for reading.)

Keep those ear’s well fed.

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My First Post

I love music. I enjoy listening to it, I enjoy it when other people enjoy listening to it, but most of all, I love making it. So recently it occurred to me that maybe I should be more proactive and make a place where my love of music can be properly expressed; but hopefully I will just help someone else enjoy great music too.

I am not sure what shape this blog is going to take, I doubt there will always be this much writing for a start. But I guess the first step is to share some of my favorite new artists, and share some songs that are inspiring me at the moment.

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